A new study suggests the iPhone 5C is giving a boost to sales of the elder brother, the iPhone 5S, and today the budget iPhone has lesser market share than iPhone 4S had at the same time a year ago.

Apple iPhone 5C is not doing well as some would have expected. And the iPhone 5S is outselling the 5C nearly four-to-one. However, it’s interesting to note that, a report by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) claims, the “cheap” iPhone is capturing lesser market share than what the iPhone 4S had at this point last year, or in the first quarter of availability in the markets.

In figures, the iPhone 5S conquered 59% of sales compared to the 50% of the iPhone 5 in the same period of last year. While, the iPhone 5C captured an unimpressive 27% compared to the 32% of iPhone 4S during the same time of period last year.

Apple may have expected this and the iPhone 5C isn’t as popular among consumers as it was the 4S model, but has been managing to push the popularity of the top of the range. Hence, Apple is in a clear win-win situation because the “low-cost” model costs about $30 cheaper than the iPhone 5 in production, due to its plastic body. And those who want a premium model, will necessarily choose the expensive 5S.

At the end of January, Apple has organized a new conference call with investors in order to explain the situation of the market in the last quarter, and we will get a better picture of how the iPhone 5C is selling around the globe. Currently, indeed it seems to be a failed project.