In 2013, Facebook mimicked Twitter’s hashtag, but that said to have a zero viral impact and doomed completely. Now, Facebook has inherited – with due respect – Twitter’s Trending topic to have viral impact on the network. Although, the feature has already appeared in some regions, but will likely to roll out globally soon, once the team of Mark Zuckerberg is done with that.

The hashtag landed on Facebook with a certain enthusiasm last year, but soon it was realized that the feature didn’t have the same success as that of Twitter implemented more significantly.

Now, the social network of Menlo Park has aimed to strengthen this small and simple feature for content aggregation, moving it to the right column as a feed box designed specifically to invite people to follow more popular conversations.

To give its own flavor, the trending topics will also include a headline that briefly explains “why it is trending.” In fact, a common constantly updating thread will be added, so not only you can track what your friends say, but also that the aggregated interest of the community.

“Trending is currently rolling out on the web in select countries , and we are going to continue to test on mobile. As with other features, expect continuous improvements from us over time,” said Chris Struhar, Engineering Manager.

Facebook’s algorithms will continue to suggest content in real time — and so advertising — depending on the user’s activity and habits. Although, Trending will be a window on top right area of the site. So the concept is clear: now, you can also follow the more popular hashtag rather than just invent your own.

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Source: Facebook