Amazon’s Kindle New Initiatives (KNI) team is reportedly prepping a new revolutionary V1 product, which is still a mystery what it is, or at least for the public. The retailer giant will unveil it during an event to be held in Boston on January 30. This is confirmed by an official invitation sent to press media, which contains the details of the event.

In the invitation, it’s not immediately clear what Amazon plans to unveil, except a terminology V1, which will deliver digital media content “in new ways and disrupt the current marketplace.”


However, there’re various guesses about it. Some believe rumors that Amazon is about to launch a new range of tablet with a bigger screen than the current Kindle Fire lineup while the Boston Globe, a leading news source for Massachusetts, believes that the event is organized by the Amazon in an attempt to recruit new talent in Cambridge, which should help to develop “a new revolutionary V1 product.”

It appears less likely to be a tablet or a smartphone by the Seattle group, rather than the rumored Amazon’s set-top-box to revolutionize the industry. This device would go actively to compete against a variety of products including the Chromecast, Roku or Apple TV, and offer access to a huge collection of video content and live stream. Like the Kindle Fire tablets, it also likely run a forked version of Android.

Either way, we’re also eager to see what they do announce, and will be covering the event so stay tuned for more information.