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Microsoft released a fix for December 2013 firmware update for Surface Pro 2


Microsoft has begun rolling out an update to the Surface Pro 2 that fixes reported problems after installing the December 2013 firmware update.

Some users couldn’t download the update during the last Patch Tuesday of 2013 while others had faced several malfunctions, including glitches in the sleep mode and shorten battery life.

Although, Microsoft removed the firmware update within a week after its release, but meantime, several users had been taken the tablet in assistance, and the Redmond giant had to exchange them for a model with the new Intel Core i5-4300U 1.9GHz (2.9GHz with Turbo Boost). Now, the fix is available through Windows Update.

However, Microsoft also made clear that the problem was with software, and promised new firmware after the holiday season. While, everyone waited for January 14 (Patch Tuesday), but nothing happened. And the firmware fix distribution started over the past weekend (between 17 and 18) instead as confirmed by a Microsoft spokesperson:

“This weekend we released an update that addresses the unexpected wake and battery drain behavior experienced by a small number of Surface Pro 2 customers who installed the December Windows Update. This should have no impact on customers who had not received the December update. We are working hard to deliver the rest of the December update to those customers who had not received it prior to it being removed from distribution.”

In practical, the update is a fix for the December 2013 firmware, and then will be shown only to users who installed that broken firmware update. A complete new firmware, which will replace the one of December, may be released in the coming days.

FYI, Microsoft has also released a firmware update for the original Surface Pro running Windows 8.1 that includes updated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth driver, which now supports additional Miracast functionality and increased Wi-Fi stability. Aside, the firmware also improves the experience of using both Surface Cover 2 and Touch Cover 2 on the Surface Pro running Windows 8, “including touchpad performance and overall product stability.”

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