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The OPPO Pad is not only the first OPPO tablet, but it is a high-end tablet as well. However, it is far from the most advanced Apple tablets which are actually the leading devices in the niche. In terms of specifications, it is comparable to the most affordable iPad out there: the 2021 edition of the Apple iPad 10.2. It is the most affordable Apple tablet, but it is placed in the high-end segment if we consider the Android world. That is the reason why it is a perfect rival for the first OPPO tablet and also the reason why we decided to publish this comparison between the specifications of the OPPO Pad and the Apple iPad 10.2. After reading this comparison, you should finally know which one fits your needs the most.
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The Apple iPad 10.2 has a very outdated design. While the most expensive iPads come with very narrow bezels around the display, for this device, Apple decided to opt for an older design just like it did with the latest iPhone SE (which comes with the same design as the iPhone 8). So the iPad 10.2 gets thick bezels around the display, but it makes room for a Touch ID for the authentication, while the OPPO Pad does not even feature a fingerprint reader. However, the OPPO Pad is definitely more beautiful not only for its narrow bezels around the display but even for the great texture on the rear side and thanks to its thinner design. But do not underestimate the iPad because it provides a great build quality: it is entirely built of aluminum.
If you are in need of the best display in terms of image quality, then you should opt for the Apple iPad 10.2. It comes with a Retina LCD display with a high 2K resolution and, despite being an LCD panel, a good color reproduction. The scratch-resistant display which also includes an oleophobic coating has a diagonal of 10.2 inches and it supports the stylus for handwriting and drawing. If you need a smoother viewing experience, then you should go for the OPPO Pad because it comes with a very high 120 Hz refresh rate. It even comes with a wider panel as the diagonal is 11 inches. This tablet comes with a 2K resolution and, just like the iPad, it supports a stylus as well, but obviously, it is not the Apple Pencil. As already mentioned, this tablet does not have any biometric sensor for authentication, while the Apple one features Touch ID.
The Apple iPad 10.2 is powered by the Apple A13 Bionic chipset: the same SoC as the iPhone 11 series. It is paired with 3 GB of RAM and up to 256 GB of internal storage. With the OPPO Pad, you get the Snapdragon 870 mobile platform paired with up to 8 GB of RAM and up to 256 GB of UFS 3.1 internal storage. While both the tablets come with good hardware departments, the real difference is the operating system. Not only does iPadOS guarantees higher performance than Android, but it even comes with more advanced features for productivity. However, you should not underestimate the ColorOS for Pad user interface: even if it does not support professional apps like the ones available on iPadOS, it has several good features made for tablets. There is another important advantage of the Apple tablet: it features optional cellular connectivity, while the OPPO Pad does not. In the cellular version of the iPad, you can insert a SIM card in order to use the data traffic in your mobile offer and you can even use an eSIM just like in the iPhones.
The cameras of the Apple iPad 10.2 are actually superior to the ones found on the OPPO Pad. We are talking especially about the front camera, which is a more important sensor on a tablet because it can be used for video calls and conferences. The 12 MP selfie camera of the iPad is simply amazing, but even the 8 MP rear camera shoots pretty nice photos.
The Apple iPad 10.2 is equipped with a bigger battery than the OPPO Pad: this, alongside the presence of the iPadOS operating system providing a better software optimization, guarantees a longer battery life. The OPPO Pad, instead, wins the charging speeds comparison thanks to 33W fast charging. The Apple device does not feature fast charging at all.
The starting price of the OPPO Pad in China roughly translates into $325/€310. This tablet is only available in the Asian market and it is yet to go global. The iPad can be purchased globally with similar prices in its base variant, but naturally, the cellular version costs several bucks more. The iPad actually wins the comparison due to its software, camera, and battery life, even though the OPPO Pad has a higher refresh rate and a better design.
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