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Apple now slashing iPad mini prices after resurrecting iPhone 4 in India

India seems to have become the perfect test circuit of the Cupertino. Last week, Apple reintroduced the iPhone 4 for around 22,000 INR (about $358) to check the weights on the market share at a really low cost. Today, Apple has discounted the first-gen of iPad mini with Wi-Fi, which retails now at 16,900 INR (about $275 at current exchange rates).

The strategy clearly points out, simple to understand, that Apple is eager to pursue the World’s second-largest populated country with the noticeable price drops.

Asia is the market to watch, which will be turning out as the greatest satisfaction in the technology. While Apple is expecting to sell 10-15 million iPhone 5S and 5C with China Mobile, the company has chosen neighbor India for their experiments. The goal is only to increase the market share, but the scope isn’t at all predictable. And so, after a resurrected iPhone 4, the first iPad mini sees a reduction of no less than 4,999 INR (about $81).

Why India?

While China is the homeland of the production of tech gadgets, the Indian audience is much more receptive to the adoption of new devices. India has the highest growth in the world of IT personnel, even considering the economic disparities between different social classes who are equipped with smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics devices.

Consequently, it’s likely to get the same success in India as the rest of the globe, and for this reason, not only the Cupertino has launched initiatives to be affordable, but also has started different programs to encourage a shift to its iDevices by selling its old equipment.

Hence, the goal is plain and simple, but a question remains unanswered. Will this policy soon see an extension in other regions where Apple is yet to land?

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