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'Crypto Crash' Memes Flood Twitter as Investors Try to Cope with Losses – News18


Cryptocurrency crash has not stopped the memes. (Photo: @gamerrebuke/Twitter)
The cryptocurrency market has crashed and investors have lost millions. The cryptocurrency market fell below the $1trillion mark for the first time since January last year. In a new development, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been sued for $258 billion for allegedly running a pyramid scheme to support Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that has recently gained popularity among investors. In the complaint, the plaintiff accused Musk of racketeering for touting Dogecoin and driving up its price, only to then let the price tumble, as per reports.
Amid this, crypto investors have been finding solace in memes which have flooded social media.
“#Cryptocrash road to the moon.”
#Cryptocrash road to the moon pic.twitter.com/uwVCm2a9MM
— Clt Bd (@BerryLibre) June 12, 2022
“100% all in #Cryptocrash.”
100% all in #Cryptocrash pic.twitter.com/GFci9lewBQ
— RΞBUKΞ (@gamerrebuke) June 13, 2022
“I said bye not buy .”
I said bye not buy 🥺#Cryptocrash #CryptoMarket #BitcoinCrash #BTC #Ethereum pic.twitter.com/xhLcyEmUmF
— Mr.Ajay (@hardboi_ajay) June 14, 2022
“#Cryptocrash Waiting for the next bull run like. Come on dude.. do something.”
Waiting for the next bull run like. Come on dude.. do something 💀 pic.twitter.com/PCCSLUfFYl
— Kamo_Duiker (@Kamo_Duiker) June 12, 2022
“Me buying one last dip. #Bitcoin.”
Me buying one last dip🥲#BitcoinCrash #Cryptocrash pic.twitter.com/FahmJDHLVp
— $𝖎𝖌𝖓𝖆𝖑 🌠 (@SignalSZN) June 13, 2022
“Astronout against their dream.”
Astronout against their dream #Cryptocrash pic.twitter.com/FAvPKtozfX
— Your Nightbot  (@yournightbot10) June 13, 2022
“McDonalds is the only hope after this.”
McDonalds is the only hope after this #Cryptocrash pic.twitter.com/yCKstFtdJk
— Crypto Boy India (@shivom09049686) June 14, 2022
“Haven’t checked my crypto portfolio which means the crash isn’t happening.”
Haven't checked my crypto portfolio which means the crash isn't happening#Cryptocrash #BitcoinCrash pic.twitter.com/fbjaGTpAak
— Land Angel Sarastro (@SerfdomEscaping) June 12, 2022
“Story of my life.”
Story of my life #inflation #stockmarketcrash #Cryptocrash #cryptocurrency #HODL #buythedips pic.twitter.com/Ic2BsQANFx
— ChilledCrypto (@chilled_crypto) June 12, 2022
“Crypto traders, young, naive and foolish.”
Crypto traders, young, naive and foolish.#Cryptocrash #Cryptos #cryptocurrency pic.twitter.com/u6CmdxtUgB
— Piyush Jain (@Piyushj1984) June 14, 2022
“#Cryptocrash somehow bitcoin will return.”
#Cryptocrash somehow bitcoin will return pic.twitter.com/zq7hAfyIHc
— Clt Bd (@BerryLibre) June 12, 2022
“Should we continue buying the #dip?”
Should we continue buying the #dip? #Cryptocrash #bearmarket #Cryptocrash #BTC #CryptoMarket #BitcoinCrash #Bitcoin #1ETH is still 1 $ETH#1BTC is still 1 $BTC pic.twitter.com/T6YGR3zG4W
— Drop U NFT (@Zack_cach) June 17, 2022
“What crash?”
What crash? #Cryptocrash #CryptoMarket pic.twitter.com/MAgW8fl0jx
— W33dS33d (@cryptophyy) June 12, 2022
Bitcoin recently plunged again to its lowest level since December 2020, and traded at the $21,000 mark after almost two years. Ethereum on the other hand, fell to a record low this year. Of all major crypto coins, Bitcoin and Ethereum were the most badly hit, and have shed 25.84 per cent and 33.99 per cent respectively in a week.
The cryptocurrency market largely mirrors the global stock markets, and a selloff at the traditional markets on Friday, June 10, led to a contagion effect as crypto began to dip rapidly. “Growing expectations of a sharper Federal Reserve interest rate hike to fight inflation led to an evaporation of investors’ risk appetites across the board, with numerous indices officially entering a bear market,” said the CoinDCX research team.
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