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The price of Chainlink was considered to grow by around 100% in February. Yet, the whole crypto market began to drop again. On top of the grave crypto smash, LINK damaged its substantial support which is why it has dropped heavily. But what is the future of the Chainlink price? Let’s see everything you need to know about Link in this Chainlink price prediction!
Chainlink (LINK) cryptocurrency is based on the Ethereum blockchain that confirms so-called decentralized oracles. The idea of decentralized oracles is particularly useful for the growing tokenization of “real” assets on the blockchain. 
Chainlink delivers a decentralized marketplace for oracle services. In 2019, Chainlink began operations on the Ethereum blockchain. Since 2019, Chainlink has obtained many significant partnerships such as Google, Oracle, and Microsoft. Furthermore, multiple crypto exchanges welcomed the LINK token. Chainlink’s LINK token is an ERC677 token. This is an extension of the ERC20. These tokens include all the components of the ERC20 tokens and can utilize the same wallets. 
Chainlink (LINK) contains multiple oracle providers on the blockchain and delivers an automatic matchmaking method between smart contract providers and the oracle providers. Matchmaking essentially functions as a stock exchange. The party that desires to set up a smart contract can specify the requirements for a decentralized oracle. 
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LINK/USD Weekly chart – GoCharting
At the time of writing this, the LINK price is sitting at $6.58, It has decreased by almost 29% in the last seven days.
Chainlink price smashed the +/- $9 support and dropped to $6. The price might verify the break of the support by twisting it into a resistance level. This could permit the Chainlink price to increase again to $9. The price could then persist in the downward stage. The existing downtrend could persist to about $5. This is where Chainlink could find revived support, where enough buyers could be seen for the price to increase from this point. We would not yet decide that the price will see the fulfillment of the downtrend at this point.
Once the Chainlink price strikes the $4 support, we could witness a short bullish streak, but it doesn’t necessarily seem bullish overall. There is a possibility that we will split the $5 support. This possibility is based on the downtrend, which is why we could reach the next target of +/- $3.58.
LINK/USD Daily chart – GoCharting
The daily chart indicates that the LINK price has been in a slow retrieval strategy in the past few days. The price is just below the upper side of the descending channel. The LINK/USD price seems to be pushing under the price of the Moving Average, indicating a bearish trend. The market’s trend appears to have been given to the bears once again. Yet, the LINK/USD price seems to be pushing downward after splitting the resistance in the last two days.
Chainlink price study shows the market’s volatility after a decreasing trend, which indicates that the price of Chainlink is evolving to be less inclined to encounter variable modification on either extreme.
Nevertheless, the price of LINK appears to pursue a downward direction towards the support, which could possibly divert the trend if it cracks; the instability of the price in either path will determine the movement. However, in the most possible series of circumstances, the price will maybe break the support, and bears might create a potential reverse trend.
The current analysis shows the cryptocurrency to pursue a strong downwards movement with much more space for bearish movement. Yet, the bears have presently grabbed the market, and the decreasing volatility prefers the bears. As a result, they might be capable to lower the price of LINK immensely.
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