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Reddit remains one of the best places to find information from real-life consumers. This includes which VPNs are tried, tested and true, a topic of which Redditors have left no stone unturned.
This article aims to cover the ins and outs of the 5 best VPNs according to Reddit. We examined over 25 of the most upvoted threads that discussed VPNs and recorded which VPNs were recommended most.

Most Commented VPN threads on reddit overall:
In addition to reddit thread mentions, we used the following criteria to sort VPNs:
Listed below are the best VPN services, according to Reddit.
svg%3Ecyberghost 2
What this company offers and gets Reddit users pumped about is the easy-to-use interface. A VPN is only as good as its tools that make one’s online activities private and secure.

Another item CyberGhost offers is the next-generation Wireguard system and its own browser. Its 6,400 servers located in 90 countries make it extremely fast and secure.
There is a 24/7 chat feature, as well as a free, one-day trial period. Costs start at an affordable $2.25 per month and go up from there, according to the plan.

Its military-grade, 256-bit encryption security system hides the user’s identity and provides top-line security from hackers. Plus, an automatic kill switch leaps into action once VPN coverage lowers too far.
svg%3Eexpress VPN
Some Reddit users have expressed doubts about this VPN service, but it remains one of the top VPN companies overall. While it does not have an extensive server supply compared to other companies, only 3,000+ in 90 countries, Redditors still use it frequently.
Many Redditor users do agree that finding a better VPN service may be difficult. Especially if those services do not unlock Netflix, torrenting options, or are not compatible with AppleTV, FireTV, and Playstation.
The cost has many customers fuming, though, as its minimum paid plan starts at $6.67 per month, and only mobile devices get access to the free 7-day trial. When Redditors sign up, they are treated to AES 256-bit security encryption, which is a major benefit.
When the VPN protection drops, the network lock kicks in and kills the connection. Android users have another kill switch to protect their internet presence. iOS customers are left out, though.

With 60 locations, 3,200 servers, 689 Mbps download speed, and a 24/7 live chat feature, this company rates among the best and is a Reddit user favorite. Add in the low, monthly cost starting at $2.49, and it is easy to see why Redditors like this company.
Consumers receive WireGuard protocols, Netflix accessibility, and AES 256-bit encryption. There is also a no-logs policy, kill switch, and military-grade, leak protection.
One of the drawbacks to Surfshark is that the free, 7-day trial is limited to Android, Mac, and iOS users only. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, though, available to anyone.
svg%3Enord vpn
The 256-bit encryption security system has Reddit users singing the praises of this company. This does not come as a surprise because this VPN service provides top-level protection and great torrent download speeds.
Plus, Redditors like the 30-day, money-back guarantee this company offers to all who sign up. With over 5,400 servers in almost 60 countries, NordVPN stays at or near the number one spot by being able to unblock Netflix.
Also, this company offers a 7-day free trial and pricing plans starting as low as $3.49 per month. There is a monthly plan for just over $11 if anyone wants to avoid an ongoing commitment to the company.
Its Smart Select technology makes sure a user can bypass those annoying geoblocks while seamlessly switching the user to the right server without service interruption.
Those are just a few of the options that get Reddit users excited about this VPN company. Other features include compatibility with different operating systems, and many marketplaces like Amazon, Hulu, and so on.
This is a Swiss-based company that provides top military-style encryption to protect all members’ internet activities. It is highly recommended by some Reddit users who may like the fact that this company owns and maintains all of its servers.
They may have the fewest number of servers, just over 1,000 in 54 countries, but that does not impact Redditors’ performance, some of whom connected up to 10 devices.
The company provides four different plans. There is a basic option for free, and others that cost between 4 and 24 Euros per month. Other features include a kill switch and DNS leak prevention, all of which make Reddit users turn to this company for their VPN needs.
On top of all that, Reddit users and conspiracy theorists appreciate that the Swiss data center used by Proton VPN is housed in an old military bunker 1,000 meters below the Swiss Alps.

Reddit users like to talk about VPN companies and their services. Here are some Reddit pages to go to when someone needs to do more research on this topic:
The letters “VPN” stand for Virtual Private Network, and these companies exist to help an internet user connect to a website while masking their true location. Plus, they help consumers connect to region-restricted websites without any hassles.
While Redditors argue over various details and subjects, they tend to agree that free VPN services are not what they claim to be. Many think that VPN companies use these trials as a way to make money off users. This could happen by using cookies to track internet surfing, stealth advertising, and selling information to third parties.
When a person only needs a VPN for a limited time, Reddit users suggest a free trial anyway.
It certainly would not hurt to use one when privacy is of the utmost priority. Also, VPNs do not just protect a person’s privacy. They block annoying ads, protect people from hackers, and keep internet searches hidden from curious eyes.
While Reddit users provide people with a lot of information, they are not all great people to contact, so do use discernment.
Reddit users keep consumers up to date on what is happening in the VPN industry. Since the website is so large, it is hard to manipulate the opinions of Redditors. Take what they say with a grain of salt and conduct personal research to be sure.
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