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Bill Gates may have more active role in Microsoft?


The new CEO of Microsoft could be announced by the end of the week, most probably with the publication of the financial statements for the last quarter on January 23rd.

To no wonder, the candidates are known, and there would be no last-minute surprises. Meantime over the weekend, there have been rumors about the possible resignation of Steve Baller from the board of directors and the role of Bill Gates in the company, after the appointment of the CEO.

After starting the internal restructuring, turning Microsoft into a “devices and services” company with the aim of obtaining more profit and increase its presence in the smartphones and tablets market, Ballmer announced his departure from Microsoft in August, 2013.

According to the sources of Recode, the former CEO could also leave the board of directors. Despite Baller owns about 4% of all shares, he may have decided to stand aside so as not to influence the choices of the future CEO.

On the other hand, it seems that his friend Bill Gates could take a more active role within the company while continuing his philanthropic work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Although, the co-founder of Microsoft will not return to work full time in Redmond, but will spend much more time on campus to give its contribution to the growth of the company.

Some suspect that Gates may have influenced the choice of the new CEO, who will have to work along with his “immense” presence. If these rumors are confirmed in the next few days, everything will depend on who will replace Ballmer. Given the technical skills of Gates, his “companion” ideally, Tony Bates, former CEO of Skype and current Vice President of Business will be the next CEO of Microsoft.

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