Apple may have reached the figure of 60 million iPhones sold in the last quarter of 2013, the period that is traditionally correspond to the Christmas holidays. The sparkled numbers seem to be a record, although the official confirmation is yet to come, according to Fortune.

The impending official results may come next week during the conference on the fiscal results of Q1, but if we believe the predictions of more than 40 experts — a panel of analysts at Fortune – Gone are the dark days of the Cupertino, which lasted long eight months of 2013 to the fall, and the results hint to a great success. The figures also indicates not only the iPhone 5S sold more than ever, but also the iPhone 5C was also appreciated, and perhaps the budget iPhone wasn’t a failure as considered at first.

iphone 5s vs 5c

The panel consists of 27 professional and 17 independent analysts, collectively reached the figure of 55.3 million units. Among them, Merill Lynch’s Scott Craig was the most optimistic with an estimate of 58.5 million units while Pacific Crest’s Andy Hargreaves sets up the tail-end with 50.93 million. But, ultimately it would be an increase of 16% compared to the previous year.


Meantime, the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has claimed that the iPad Air has beaten the younger brother, iPad mini during the holidays. According to the findings, the iPad Air has snagged 41% of Apple’s tablets sale in the United States, even though, it’s a small decrease from 43% of the last year.

The original iPad mini took second place with 25% while the iPad mini with Retina display won only 16% of total stats due to the limited availability during the holidays.

The longest-lived iPad 2 is still available for sale, launched in 2011 and amazingly survived the subsequent new iPads. Consequently the fourth-gen iPad encountered its first historic decline that lost in fact 27 percent, and scored 5% only.

Well! The statistics is quite simple to understand as the Cupertino proposed more attractive alternatives last year, and indeed a lot more to come in 2014.