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Could There Be Life On The Largest Moon Of Saturn? Here's What Scientists Believe – TechDigg


NASA’s Dragonfly Mission seeks to answer whether there’s life on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn and help resolve whether we’re not alone in our solar system.
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A shortage of chemical fertilizer, worsened by the war in Ukraine, has growers desperate. It just so happens that human urine has the very nutrients that crops need.
One serving of Huel contains everything your body needs to thrive.
Talking to Variety, Strong revealed that the character was an extremely personal creation for her, and one that allowed her to finally discuss abortion, a topic she’s been interested in tackling since first joining the show in 2012.
A man from Nebraska is the first person to plead guilty as part of the Justice Department’s task force to protect elections workers.
Someone used AI to write a Jerry Seinfeld stand-up routine about cats, and then used DeepFake voices to perform it.
Gen Z would rather be anonymous online.
The last known ‘fantastic giant tortoise’ was found in 1906. Now, scientists have discovered another one.
F1 isn’t just a car race. It’s a science experiment.
Elon Musk spent weeks raising alarms that Twitter may have far more fake, spam and bot accounts than previously disclosed and threatening to abandon his $44 billion deal to buy the company if it didn’t provide him with more information to evaluate the matter.
One of the users of Headero, a dating app for people who love giving and receiving oral sex, said filter options help set expectations pre-hookup.
America’s sweetheart Chris Evans is adorable enough, but add a bucket full of puppies, and it’s level level cuteness.
Thousands of cattle in feedlots in southwestern Kansas have died of heat stress due to soaring temperatures, high humidity and little wind in recent days, industry officials said.
This handy little tool, featured on “Shark Tank,” aims to quickly suck out a substantial part of the irritants left by those pesky bugs.
Jack Henry is the premier brand for protecting your hair’s microbiome.
Fox News’s Jesse Watters broke the news that seven members of Stephen Colbert’s show were arrested for trespassing at the United States Capitol and it’s a doozy.
Disney movies can do more than entertain: they can introduce kids to new vocabulary, too. Here are the Disney characters with the biggest vocabularies.
Vince McMahon made a short appearance at the beginning of WWE Smackdown, after it was announced he was stepping down from his position as CEO and Chairman, amid an investigation into alleged misconduct. He made a short, strange speech and then left.
Since the pandemic, we’re more obsessed with our cats and dogs than ever. And that’s great news for illustrators.
In 2019, Jessica Nabongo became the first Black woman to document traveling to every country in the world.
Andrew Callaghan visits Daytona’s Cackleberry Campground — a place, that someone in the YouTube comments observed, that is renowned for being the epicenter for coleslaw wrestling, anti-Joe Biden chants and COVID conspiracies.
ZiGGY can be summoned via an app to top up your electric vehicle and save you a parking spot in the process.
A wedding photography team from Orlando might be taken to court by client over images with bad “distortion” (bokeh).
Consuming microplastics puts your health at risk. LARQ’s water filtration systems can keep you safe.
Harry Styles paused a concert to attempt to find his beloved former teacher Mrs. Vernon in the crowd at the Emirates Old Trafford in England and it was a heartwarming moment.
Decades into his career, the British American journalist has an unlikely TikTok hit that could be the song of the summer. “I am not trying to make it as a rapper,” he says.
In between your book collection will sit this tiny neon alley that indicates exactly what kind of collection you’re cultivating.
Pam and Angela are frequently seen butting heads on “The Office” but they’re the best of friends in real life. Here’s how their friendship blossomed while working together and how the cast almost got poisoned to death.
There are big houses, and then there are BIG houses. Here are the largest residential properties in every US state.
Created with durability and comfort in mind, and dyed with eco-friendly pigments.
“Those texts make Mike Lindell sound like a levelheaded businessman,” exclaimed the “Late Night” host.
As cryptocurrencies have plunged, attention has focused on a potential point of vulnerability: the market’s reliance on a so-called stablecoin called Tether.
Commemorate your first realization with a t-shirt — the way the downside of the schwartz would want it.
The family of Steven Paul Owens snuck a profane hidden message into his headstone, much to the chagrin of the staff of the Warren-Powers Cemetery.
Here’s where the population grew and fell the most in the US between 2010 and 2020.
Some mad lad created 48 seconds of awesome.
This week we’ve also got a guy under the impression that crypto has only ever been universally beloved and a random person who doesn’t know much about F1.
Three Arrows Capital, founded by two high school friends, is MIA as firms scramble to assess the damage amid indications the fund has been wiped out.
Here’s everything you need to know about bananas, including why you’ve probably never seen more than a couple of types, a recipe for delicious banana bread and how to pick the right ripeness for your tastebuds.
After carrying Golden State to its fourth title in eight years — and winning the elusive Finals MVP — Curry has silenced even his most ardent critics.
“I feel like with these tools, there’s some backdoor to access user data in almost all of them,” said an external auditor hired to help TikTok close off Chinese access to sensitive information, like Americans’ birthdays and phone numbers.
Here’s an explanation for why you might be feeling tired more often than usual — and some research based tips that will help alleviate the lethargy.
The photo shows Japan’s Hatsuyuki destroyers in a row, and if the formation isn’t impressive enough, they’re also in numerical order!
Why is there always at least one film about an open relationship?
On the latest episode of Celebrity Home Shopping, Samir Mezrahi takes us inside Britney Spears’s new pad, and there’s way too many steps.
When the Gloucester sank in 1682, many of its passengers were lost — except for James Stuart, future King of England. Now, the shipwreck’s location has finally been revealed off the coast of England 340 years later.
The flood destroyed homes and bridges, and threatens the region’s economy. But the animals are doing just fine.
Tony Fadell, who co-created the iPhone and iPod, reveals the process that Steve Jobs followed to make sure the iPhone launch was one of Apple’s most successful events.
The right thing to have hoped for, at the outset of Thursday night’s game six of the NBA Finals, if you were a true neutral fan, was a game seven.
In the span of less than two weeks, he went from being China’s top e-commerce influencer to a semi-taboo topic.
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