Verizon Wireless had been tipped to launch the Lumia Icon on either February 5th or March 5th. The speculation comes from @evleaks, the tipster who has a very good track record of leaking the latest happening within the smartphone industry.

The speculation hasn’t been confirmed by neither Verizon nor Nokia, but @WinDroidGuy from has also “posted a bunch of images of the white” Lumia Icon – formally known as Lumia 929 – and predicted the launch this week.

The launch of 5-inch Lumia smartphone, is getting delayed, but nothing has been commented yet by the Finnish manufacturer while the alleged appearance on Verizon’s website indicate the arrival is imminent now.

So Nokia Lumia Icon fanciers can draw a circle of home around on 5th of February and March as @evleaks has been the most trusted source of information about unreleased devices and gadgets.


There’s no impending secret in the tech specs of Lumia Icon, but for a recap, it’s the first Windows Phone to pack a 5-inch full HD 1080p screen – not being a phablet device unlike Lumia 1520 – and will also feature a 20-megapixel PureView camera with Zeiss Optics.

The handset is likely to be the last Lumia phone by Nokia, before ending up in the hands of Microsoft in coming weeks. Microsoft is expected to announce its financial results for the final three months of 2013, and perhaps may announce the next CEO as well, meaning an early release date seems unlikely.

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Source: @evleaks


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