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Chris Evans Says He Wants to Go to Space, in True Buzz Lightyear Fashion – PopCulture.com


By Michael Hein – June 18, 2022 01:51 pm EDT
Chris Evans is eager to go where several of his characters have gone before – including Buzz Lightyear. In a new interview with MTV News, Evans said that he would “absolutely” accept an invitation to take a space flight. He admitted that it is a longtime dream for him even before he was cast as the lead in Pixar’s Lightyear.
“I would have absolutely accepted. I mean, I am dying to go to space. I’m a massive, massive space nerd,” Evans revealed. “For me, the idea of space, the concept of what is out there, it’s overwhelming to me, but it brings me an incredible sense of peace and perspective. And, you know, in that kind of insignificance, I find a lot of tranquility. So for me, going to space would be a dream come true.”
Evans could get a chance to fly to space since private space flights are becoming more and more common. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is leading the charge in celebrity space vacations by taking the stars of several high-profile sci-fi franchises up in his Blue Origin rockets. According to a report by Comicbook.com it costs about $28 million to fly with Bezos, but stars like William Shatner have already pulled it off.
Still, such a trip might come at a cost for Evans. The actor is known for being outspoken on politics and public issues, and for his philanthropic work. The billionaires like Bezos, Elon Musk and others who have invested vast fortunes into private space flight are often criticized for hoarding wealth. Their space programs are sometimes condemned as vanity projects with price tags that could have been better spent on their employees, their taxes or charitable donations.
Evans does not seem to have taken part in that kind of criticism, and he has slowed down his political rhetoric on social media for the most part. Still, if Evans went to space on a private rocket he would most likely take heat from the same people who criticized Shatner and other celebrities who have flown with Bezos.
Evans will spend plenty of time in space this weekend. Lightyear premiered in theaters everywhere on Friday, June 17. 2022. Early reviews for the movie are generally positive, and there is no information yet on when it might be available to watch at home. For now, the only place to see it is in theaters.
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