Mark your calendars for Monday, February 24. Nokia has just sent out invites for a press event that day, at the MWC 2014.

It’s still a mystery what Nokia has planned to unveil during the annual Mobile World Congress, but The Verge reported that Nokia is likely to unveil the first Android smartphone by Nokia, rumored as “Normandy”.

The theme of the invitation is reminiscent of Google’s green robot and several anonymous sources, belonging to Nokia, have recently claimed that the project “Normandy” would be made official during the MWC 2014.

Nokia MWC 2014 Event

Meanwhile, the tipster @evleaks has tweeted a brief message on Thursday that suggests that the Project “Normandy” will be branded as “Nokia X”. As previous report claim the Normandy will be a low-end device and may replace the Asha platform.

The Finnish company may still be working on something different completely, and may take advantage of the event to showcase new range of Lumia and Asha devices as they did last year on the same occasion. Aside, Nokia could also announce something related to its services, which aren’t the part of the deal with Microsoft.

As the Redmond giant now owns the mobile business of Nokia, they may have abandoned any plans to launch an Android smartphone. However, some speculate Microsoft may have agreed for an entry-level phone based on Android, but with access to various Windows services so as to bring Google customers to Microsoft software and services.

Well! It sounds crazy because adopting Android for low-end devices will directly affect the Windows Phone platform, and in fact, it could confuse customers as well as developers.

In any case, there will be a surprise for everyone on the first day of MWC in Barcelona next month. We will have more details on what’s expected in coming days, and may more to be added till then stay tuned.


  1. Nokia X? But Microsoft won’t even have the right to use Nokia branding on Android phones.. So how ill it sell?
    Can it eventually replace Asha series? Maybe not.. It can’t come under Lumia brand and launching a new brand for these phones won’t sell them either. So maybe this will be the first and last Nokia Android phone we will see.


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