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Love Island's Andrew Le Page went to one of the leading schools in the UK – Reality Titbit – Celebrity TV News


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Love Island’s Andrew Le Page caught fans’ attention in the latest episode as he spoke about where he went to school. The Guernsey native, who now lives in Dubai, has a successful career in real estate and must have some pretty good qualifications to have bagged his job. 
Reality Titbit did some digging and found out exactly where he went to school and all about his career in Dubai. 
Andrew attended Millfield School, which is in a town called Street in Somerset, England. The school is described as “one of the leading UK independent schools for boys and girls, aged two to 18 years.”
Andrew was a keen cricketer at Millfield and played for his school team. His love of sport and fitness has clearly stayed throughout his life as, according to his Instagram bio, Andrew is a qualified personal trainer.
He has previously worked as a fitness instructor at DW Fitness but his main career path has been real estate.
Andrew is a 27-year-old from the UK but living in Dubai for his job as a real estate broker. He works for Betterhomes LLC in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Speaking to ITV about dating, he said: 
I like going on dates but I definitely prefer being in a relationship. Dates are a lot of fun, I just chat rubbish, get to know them, they get to know me and have a bit of fun. But I definitely prefer meeting people on a night out – it’s a lot better in my opinion.
Andrew is pretty popular on Instagram and currently boasts more than 29K followers. Most of his pictures are gym selfies and memories of him drinking with his friends in Dubai, check it out here!
ITV asked Andrew how he felt about potentially stepping on the other islanders’ toes in the villa, to which he responded:
If they’re actually in a relationship, I’d go for someone else. If they’re just starting, I will see what I can do. If I get turned down, I get turned down. I’d just move on.
However, when it comes to finding that special someone, Andrew said he is incredibly loyal. When it comes to being a partner, he said:
When I’m with someone, I’m very loyal, I’m a good boyfriend – when I’m with someone I’m all for them.
Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox


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