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Google Glass for everyone: fashionable frames and shades

The most-requested and anticipated Google Glass is now reality. Google has introduced four titanium frames – Bold, Curve, Thin, and Split for $225 each – and two new tinted shade styles – Classic and Edge for $150 each.

The frames and shades are separate from the Google Glass, which means that their cost will be additional to $1500 of the Explorer program. Hence, those are interested in the Google Glass will have to make a payment of no less than $1725.

Despite the high cost, the addition – as a necessity – is welcomed by the community and those who need prescription lenses, and don’t want to renounce the use of such a technology.

Until now, users with glasses have had many difficulties to wear the Glass because it has been available and sold mounted on a frame so far. It’s a big step forward for the technology to reach a wider audience and a fundamental requirement before the Glass reaches shops.

All four frames available in eight colors and two tined shades are designed by Google itself, dedicated to both men and women; and can be matched up to forty different style combinations.

“We think they’ll accommodate most people’s tastes. Anybody who is familiar with the process of getting [an eyeglasses] prescription filled will be familiar with how you get prescription Glass,” Lee said.

After buying the Glass, you will still have to contact a specialized shop – currently located only in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York – to fix your prescription lenses to the frame. Google has plans to cover more cities in the future so as to have 6000 skilled doctors by the end of this year.

The Google Glass will reach the U.S. stores later this year while it’s still a mystery when it will be available in Europe. “We’re going to reach some day, hopefully it will be soon,” he added.

Source: Google Glass

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