Google maybe going to leave the Nexus brand in favor of a number of Google Play Edition devices.

The news is coming from a tweet of the well-known Russian blogger Edgar Murtazin; however, he didn’t specify the source of such aspect.

“Nexus line by Google is over in 2015 😉 Yes – this line will be replaced by Play Edition (current name, it will be rebranded” — Eldar Murtazin, 27 Jan 2014.

Some recent developments in the Play Edition range also suggest the time actually has come to say goodbye to the Nexus brand. The Mountain View group added a few new devices to its Nexus lineup last year, and opted for a number of products for the Play Edition range instead, including HTC One; Samsung Galaxy S4; LG G Pad 8.3; Sony Z Ultra and Moto G. So users have a greater variety in terms of both hardware and software sector nos, and precisely for this reason, I would like to focus more on the future.

In addition, there have been many rumors about the arrival of a new Nexus 10; however, the development of the tablet has never been confirmed. Therefore, it seems likely there is no new Nexus 10 and Google is currently lacking interest to continue this range any longer.

According to Murtazin, the Play Edition line could be rebranded later, but Google hasn’t yet said anything about it. In any case, the Play Edition devices has the brighter future as long as not only they are equipped with stock Android platform, but also bring flagship devices at a budget price.

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