If you’re looking for a job, one of the most attractive positions is to be the CEO of Microsoft. In recent days, the successor to Steve Ballmer seemed to be Satya Nadella, already engaged with the Redmond giant since 1992, but the latest rumor throws the dice to Sundar Pichai, who is a senior vice president at Google and oversees Android, Chrome and Google Apps.

On the basis of close sources to hiring team, SiliconANGLE has reported that Sundar Pichai is the top choice for the CEO position of Microsoft, and even the negotiations are nearing to completion.

Born in 1972, he is also an Indian as Nadella. Since March 2013, he is the head of Android – formally managed by Andy Rubin — and managing Google products. As per reports, Google is playing or ready to pay Sundar Pichai nearly $50 million to stay in the Mountain View.

“Microsoft could really move the ball down the field with Sundar Pichai in creating a new open operating system model for cloud, mobile, and social” according to Dave Vellante, chief analyst at Wikibon. “The market has been looking for a CEO who can balance the role of leading the enterprise transformation while keeping that consumer momentum with Xbox and reboot mobile. Pichai is the total package of technology leadership and business acumen.”

Although, this rumor hasn’t been confirmed nor denied officially, so all should be taken with a grain of salt.

Microsoft could actually benefit from such a decision, to have one of the names like Sundar Pichai. The experience gained by Sundar Pichai during past ten years would allow the Redmond giant to accelerate the spread of Windows Phone devices, already recorded good results in 2013.