Extending the functionalities of the Pebble smartwatch, the startup funded by the Kick Starter campaign has launched the appstore for iOS platform, can also be accessed through the new Pebble Steel.

In 2014 Consumer Electronic Show, CEO Eric Migicovsky announced the appstore alongside the Pebble Steel for $249.

There’re about 300K Pebble users in the world, who can rejoice all available apps for free from today at 7:00pm. First, they need to download and update new firmware for the original Pebble to make them compatible with new apps.

Just like Apple’s App Store and Google Play, but different, the store organizes the new apps in seven categories, allows users to rate and manage apps to load at any time on or off since the clock has a limit of only eight apps. This limitation is intentional to maintain the structure of the menu clean and compact.


The seven categories are: Watchfaces, Daily, Remotes, Games, Notifications, Tools and utilities, and Sports and Fitness. Unlike any other platform, the Pebble doesn’t support fee for apps model at the launch, which may be diluted later.

Unlocking the potential of the Pebble, it will indeed help to grow the developer community, offering an organized way to publish and distribute their apps. Although, Android developers will have to wait for some more time until the Pebblers finish the job at their end.