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Disney+ Launch New “Surprise – Unexpected Everything!” Campaign – What's On Disney Plus – What's On Disney Plus


As Disney+ continues to evolve, by offering more content from its different studios, Disney has recently launched a brand new marketing campaign in the US based on Disney+ having lots of content, that you wouldn’t expect it to have.
A new video highlights that there are lots of shows and films available on Disney+ that people wouldn’t expect, such as “The Finest Hours”, “Sister Act”, “The Fantastic Mr Fox”, “Hamilton”, “Free Guy”, “West Side Story” and much more.
Check out the new commercial below:

In the past few months, Disney+ in the United States has gone through several changes, including adding parental controls that allow more mature content, general entertainment shows such as “Blackish” and “Glee”, plus later this year, Disney+ will be introducing an ad-supported tier and live programming like “Dancing With The Stars”.
Earlier this year, Disney launched a similar advertising campaign internationally, called “Stories You’d Expect + Stories You Wouldn’t”. This campaign showcased that Disney+ had films and shows that people think of when they think of Disney, along with shows and movies that people wouldn’t associate with Disney+ like “The Walking Dead”, “The King’s Man” and “The Kardashians”.

As Disney+ starts to evolve in the United States, expect to see more campaigns like this, where Disney will be trying to inform potential subscribers that there is more to Disney+ than Marvel, Star Wars and Mickey Mouse.
What do you think of this new campaign?
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