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How To Completely Uninstall Microsoft Office On Windows? – Fossbytes


Get rid of the Office suite easily.
Is your Microsoft Office installation causing distress? Or maybe, is the Microsoft Office Suite not satisfactory enough for you? This guide will show you how to uninstall Microsoft Office from your Windows PC.
It’s probable that your Microsoft Office installation became faulty as it’s pretty standard these days. To reinstall Office, you will need to uninstall the Microsoft Office suite. Likewise, the process is exceptionally uncomplicated.
Uninstalling Office apps is easy if you have a standard installation. Although, if you pirated the software, you should consider getting a legitimate license. If that’s the case, here’s how to install Microsoft Office.
2. If it’s a standard click-to-run or MSI installation, you will require an uninstall support tool. Download the uninstall support tool for Microsoft Office from this link.
3. Furthermore, open the uninstall support tool for Microsoft Office.
4. Select “Install” when prompted to install the uninstall support tool.
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5. The application will take a few moments to install, depending on your internet connection. Please wait for the application to finish installing.
6. Then, click on “I Agree” when prompted.
7. Now, select the Office app you want to uninstall from your PC and click on the “Next” button.
8. FInally, follow the prompts on the remaining screens and restart your computer when the application asks you to. The tool will automatically reopen when you restart your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
It’s not difficult to uninstall Microsoft Office if you’re okay with downloading another tool to do it. Furthermore, you can also reinstall the Office after the process if you want. Here’s how to install Office on Windows PCs.
However, you can opt for Microsoft Office alternatives if you don’t like the software.
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