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3 international programmes by Disney USA: Things to know – Study International News


Are you a #Disneyphile who is looking to spend as much time at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida? What if we told you that there are a number of international programmes by Disney USA catered especially for you?
That’s right Disney offers work experience for students outside the US. Whether it be representing your country to create a culturally immersive experience to helping out your fellow peers who may run into difficulty while navigating themselves around Disney World the learning opportunities and experience you could gain are invaluable.
Work abroad near Orlando, Florida! Apply to a Disney International Program: https://t.co/4DNp5h5tNU #DisneyIP pic.twitter.com/3A9V04nrKi
— Disney Programs (@DisneyInterns) February 20, 2020

With that being said, here are the three international programmes by Disney USA that you as a student outside the US could apply to.

Under this programme, you get to play an important role by assisting guests and even visitors from your native country. Their ability to communicate and relate to you will help make their trip more wholesome. On top of that, you get to greet and interact with people from all over the globe and offer cultural insights based on your heritage, language and country’s history.
If you are bubbly, outgoing and hospitality-oriented, then this opportunity could suit you. You are eligible for this role if you are over 18 years of age and are willing to spend 12 months abroad participating in an exciting and culturally enriching programme. The long-term goal of this programme is to develop your leadership skills and business acumen, especially with the help of seasoned industry professionals on-site.
The location where you’ll work is Epcot, located within the Walt Disney World Resort premises in Orlando Florida. More details about the programme and the key details that international applicants from specific countries should know can be found here.

There’s no denying that the wholesome experience you gain from visiting the Disney World Resort is through its attractions, but also from the hospitality of its Disney crew.
That’s exactly what the Academic Exchange Programme at Walt Disney World helps you with — to help you build your customer service skills and career development to excel in your future work-related endeavours.
You may be eligible for this programme if your institution offers an exchange partnership with a US college or university. The exposure you will gain from industry professionals while taking academic courses is invaluable.
Among the requirements include:


Last on our list of programmes by Disney USA is the cultural exchange programme. You’ll get to spend your summer vacation or school break working alongside seasoned industry professionals in the entertainment and guest services sector.
People from all walks of life live under the same roof as you in the exclusive Disney apartment communities — where you will gain lifelong friendships and build upon your intercultural communication and understanding.
To qualify for this programme, you must meet the following:
The Walt Disney World Resort is currently recruiting students from these countries.
For more vacancies under the Disney international programmes, click here.


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