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On June 20, 2022, several people complained about Instagram being down as their explore page started to reset without any warning.
Instagram’s algorithm tries to bring the best recommendations based on the content you have interacted with. Due to this, people often saw videos on their explore page that also aligned with their tastes.
However, on June 20, some users were notified that their explore page had reset and they were not getting the usual recommendations that they did.
Is Instagram down again?? My explore page is just✨Nature✨
On June 20, several people came forward and revealed that their Instagram explore page had completely changed. Most of them stated that they were pictures and videos of nature that seemed to appear.
Given that most people are seeing the same images and videos, it is most likely to be a bug. This is not the first time that users have experienced this problem.
A similar situation arose in August 2020 when people noticed that their explore page had been filled with posts about nature. However, Instagram has not given an explanation as to why this is happening.
Usually, the explore page mirrors the posts that you interact with. If there has been a change in the type of posts that you communicate with then Instagram will automatically show you similar posts.
However, this happens rarely. Given that more and more people are coming forward and commenting about their explore page changing, we believe the platform will be fixing the issue soon.
In most cases, it could take a couple of hours or days.
Sadly, there is not a lot that you can do at the moment as it appears to be a bug that needs to be fixed by the platform. However, you could reach out to them on their official social media platforms to let them know about the problems you have been facing.
At the same time, you can make use of Instagram’s Help Center for more information.


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