After the appointment of new CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates along with Satya Nadella could be seen on the campus frequently than earlier.

Bill Gates has left the post of chairman of the board of directors to John Thompson. According to reports published by various sources, the co-founder of the Redmond Company would be more involved in the development of future products. Gates played an active role until 2008, eight years after the beginning of the Ballmer era.

Bill Gates is still very popular with Microsoft employees and investors as his contribution has enabled the company to dramatically increase its profits, thanks to Windows operating system. Today, however, the PC market is declining, and it’s necessary to develop a truly revolutionary product for the mobile industry. Neither Windows Phone nor the Surface have achieved the goal so far.

According to marketing experts, Gates is a visionary as it was Steve Jobs, and thus can provide valuable assistance. “The more time Bill spends on product development, the better,” said Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm. “He and Steve Jobs seem very different on the outside, but at their core they were very similar. They both see things that others don’t see, and they’re both very demanding.”

A more active role in the product development explains why Microsoft discarded all external candidates for the post of CEO. Indeed, it seems only Gates pushed the committee to choose Nadella as the duo can establish a fruitful collaboration.

Gates has repeatedly stressed that its current full-time job is to defeat poverty in the world with its foundation. According to Bloomberg sources, the co-founder of Microsoft will return at least one day a week in Redmond campus.