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Is Netflix giving a free 1-year subscription? (2021) – Game Revolution


Netflix is the leading video streaming service, featuring and producing must-see shows and movies on a regular basis. But, is Netflix giving a free 1-year subscription away? Or is that offer too good to be true? Here’s the need-to-know on the streaming giant handing out free 12-month subs to attract new customers.
Is Netflix giving a free 1-year subscriptionIs Netflix giving a free 1-year subscription
Following a recent price increase, the basic Netflix package costs $8.99 a month and the premium service is $12.99 monthly. Getting a year of Netflix at no cost would be a huge money saver, so it’s not surprising that the rumor of a free 12-month trial has TV and movie fans excited. Is the offer real, though? And if it is, how does one claim a free year of Netflix?
Netflix has provided its customers with free trial periods in the past, generally lasting for a month. Currently, however, the streaming service is not offering free trial periods of any length. The streaming service could reintroduce free subscription periods in the future, but there are no guarantees at this time.
Some people have reportedly received emails promising a free 1-year Netflix subscription, but these are not legitimate. In fact, the unofficial “promotion” is a scam. Anyone that receives this correspondence should block the sender and delete the email — do not click any links and definitely do not provide any personal information or account details.
The only way to watch Netflix in 2021 is to purchase a subscription, as there are no free trial periods available. This goes for both new and existing customers, so don’t be fooled by the offer of a free sub for a year. Remember: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Fans of gaming can watch the Dragon’s Dogma anime on Netflix and also look forward to the upcoming Splinter Cell series.


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