Not fully satisfied with the sales of the second-gen of the Nexus 7, Google may have decided to focus on a slightly larger size for its upcoming tablet.

Equipped with an 8-inch display, the new Nexus 8 is destined to arrive on the market sometime in April, according to DigiTimes. And once again, Google would work with ASUS to realize the design and production of the tablet. Earlier, the Mountain View group has already partnered with Asustek Computer to produce 7-inch tablet, Nexus 7 in June 2012 and July 2013.

Although, it’s an unconfirmed rumor, but hasn’t denied by any officials so far. As far as the price point is concerned, it could be an economic outlay required, so about 200-250 Euros for the cheapest version.

Anonymous sources that belong to the supply chain of hardware components have claimed that Google has chosen the 8-inch display for the third-gen of the Nexus 7, avoiding a clash with the 7-inch devices and 5 and 6 inches smartphones.

So, Google could actually replace the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 in favor of only Nexus 8. Moreover, the Nexus 6 also seems likely to debut by the end of the year, according to some early rumors.

Well! Everything is possible as the recent reorganization of the group regards to hardware manufacturers (Selling Motorola to Lenovo and acquiring Nest, etc…). It makes difficult to formulate a reliable theory on what will be the future of the group from the point of view of devices.