We often get to know success stories of mobile apps and games now-a-days, but it’s very rare when the creator hates itself.

Flappy Bird, a bird flying game developed by a Vietnam based indie developer Dong Nguyen has jolted the free category of the American and Chinese iTunes App Stores, following the UK store where it was called as “the new Angry Birds.”

In January, the Flappy Bird became the most downloaded app on the App Store. On February 8, the developer has said on Twitter that the game would be removed from both App Store and Google Play at 1700 GMT on Sunday.


The news comes as a surprise since Dong is earning about $50,000 every day from adverts, according to The Verge. Unfortunately, it can all end very soon, even though he denied of any legal issues. The day before the announcement, he had also been talking about the Flappy Bird for Windows Phone.

He also justified his decision saying that the game was running his daily life and he couldn’t take the “success of mine [Flappy Bird]” anymore.

Dong has apologized users for his action and promised to continue the development of other titles for mobile platforms.

In the meantime, a Twitter account @SaveFlappyBIrd has published an image of direct conversation with Dong, in which he said that he would think again about his decision “if you can show me that many people enjoy the game”.


Originally released in May 2013, the Flappy Bird seems inspired by “Mario Bros” with 8-bit graphics and faced lots of criticism and controversies. The Huffington Post called it as “insanely irritating, difficult and frustrating game which combines a super-steep difficulty curve with bad, boring graphics and jerky movement.” While, some claimed that Dong had used bots, and its rise was totally fake. And he replied, “I respect all other people [sic] opinions. I won’t give any comment to this article. I’d like to make my games in peace.”

Unluckily, with a success that led to more than 50 million downloads and reviews, the Flappy Bird is destined to pass away in a short time.