As said, the creator of the Flappy Bird kept his words and pulled down the title from both iOS App Store and Google Play yesterday at 1700 GMT.

All those who still have the game installed on their smartphones and tablets can rejoice as long as they want. While fans who uninstalled it can might be able to install by accessing their purchase history. However, we don’t have any concrete information about the latter aspect.

The developer of the game, Dong Nguyen has been criticized or applauded for his decision in all views, but the online reaction seems totally unprecedented. While upset fans are tweeting or sharing their petition to reconsider this action – trending #SaveFlappyBird on Facebook and Twitter – but some of them have shocked everyone by threatening to kill Dong and commit suicide. Although, the terrorizations didn’t seem so serious, but the reaction wasn’t so calm.

Here’re few picks from Twitter:

One read, “F**k you asshole, I’ll f**king kill you if I have to. Put back Flappy Bird on the market or I’m afraid I’ll have to meet you.”

Another said, “You best not be deleting Flappy Bird because I will murder you if u do”. Another: “i’m gonna kill you that game is a part of my life know.”

“If you delete flappy bird I will literally kill myself. It’s my drug, and I am so addicted!! PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS TO MEEE PLEASEE.” another added, with a forth screaming: “I’ll find you and i’ll kill you.”

Meanwhile, a 16GB Space Gray AT&T iPhone 5S has been listed for $650, and within less than a day, the phone is now retailing for $99,900. You might be thinking what’s so special about this iPhone? Well, it doesn’t have any extra premium feature than any normal iPhone 5S but comes the Flappy Bird pre-installed. Now, the phone has also been pulled from eBay.


In conclusion, the game has gone, which topped the chart of iTunes App Store and Google Play store in the free category, generating about $50,000 every day by ads. The developer is still mum on the matter. He, however, made clear that the decision didn’t involve any legal issues, and he had no plans to sell the Flappy Bird to anyone else.