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Google Now to debut on all major platforms including iOS, Chrome and Windows

The popular Google Now service will soon become cross platform with its launch on various operating systems including the iOS, Google Chrome and Windows Phone 8. Google Now has been one of the best services available on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system.

Google Now was first made available on the Galaxy Nexus device and now will be available on all major platforms. On Wednesday, a leaked video made by Google shows Google Now running on Apple devices. Reports also say that the video is authentic indicating that Google Now will actually make it to other platforms. Since the video showed Google Now running on Apple devices, Apple is in for sure and we believe that Google will ensure that all other major platforms are included.

The release of Google Now on Apple will be the most interesting one. Even though Google Now is one of the most interesting service available on Android, we already have Siri on the Apple platform. It would be really interesting to see what happens when Google Now and Siri go head to head on the same platform.


Even Engadget said that the video is a real deal and the narration, animation and background music in the video are all trademark Google. A recent build of Chromium also includes a Chrome flag indicating that Google might be planning to release a Chrome browser version of Google Now. If this is true, then Google Now will run on both Chromebooks and Windows Phone 8. It seems that Google Now will only be available on Chrome for Windows whereas the browser on the Apple platform might not have the support right away. The priority will be Windows and then Apple considering the number of users present on these platforms.

Google Now will definitely be an interesting feature to use. We can’t wait for the service to be available on every platform that we can get our hands on. So how are you going to use Google Now on your devices?

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