After the successful launch event for the Samsung Galaxy S4, the company is now geared up for the next big thing for this year, the Tizen smartphone. Samsung said that the company is working on three high end devices and one of them happens to be the new Tizen smartphone which could be the game changer for Samsung.

A Samsung executive told Bloomberg that the company has plans for three high end devices. One of them obviously was the Galaxy S4, the second on is the Galaxy Note and the third one was the Tizen smartphone. Tizen is an operating system that has been developed by the company and will soon be seen in its latest smartphone which is said to be announced by the month of August or September.

[two_third]Samsung’s executive vice president of marketing for mobile business, Y.H Lee said in an interview with Bloomberg that the Tizen smartphone will be one of the three flagship products for Samsung. So this new smartphone will soon join the Galaxy S4 and the new Galaxy Note which is on its way (we assume that it will be the Galaxy Note 3). Samsung gave similar information to CNET at the Mobile World Congress event last month, but during that time the estimated launch period for the Tizen smartphone was expected to be between July and August.[/two_third]


“The Tizen phone will be out in August or September, and this will be in the high-end category,”


Tizen is actually an open-source operating system that will support multiple handset vendors and wireless carriers. The development of this operating system is being done under the guidance of Samsung and Intel. Tizen will be the new operating system that might reduce the dominance of the Google Android OS and Apple iOS which have found no match till date. These two mobile operating systems are the best in the world and are used all over the world. Samsung plans to introduce Tizen and change this one sided scenario. Tizen will also allow carriers to manipulate and modify the operating system which will give them more control over their subscribers.

Like Apple, we might soon get to see Samsung smartphones running on Tizen. This would create a new market for the company and at the same time could give rise to a new challenge as well. It will be really interesting to see what Tizen has to offer.