It seems that Google is working (or rather experimenting) with a new note taking service. The company is offering a new service in the form of a new note-taking app called as ‘Google Keep’ which will allow user to take notes. You can also add color codes and pictures to these notes and you can build checklists as well.

It was good to know that Google has come up with something new. The company has been cleaning up stuff that has not being doing so well. According to reports from Android Police, Google has come up with a new service which is actually a refreshed version of the Google Notebook service previously offered by the company.

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Google-Keep (1)
Google-Keep (1)

We have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we know you might be interested in finding out what Google Keep is and how it looks, so we have some screenshots for you. The bad news is that you cannot try it out yourself since the site has been removed since some time now. It was up at the address ‘’ but has been removed. Thanks to Android Police, we have some screenshots.

Another interesting fact about Google Keep is that the service information was kind of given out by Google by mistake last year. In an official Google+ post, the company accidentally included a screenshot which had a link labeled as ‘save to Google Keep.’ This indicated that the company was working on some kind of service that would let users save data offline or in the cloud. Over the past few year, note-taking and productivity applications have been in a lot of demand and the market for the same is continuously growing. We assume that Google Keep has not gone forever, the company might be testing and doing some final changes etc. due to which the site must have been removed.

We hope that the company makes an official announcement very soon. We expect to see a final and ready to use version of Google Keep to be available very soon. So keep in touch and we will get back to you on this.