In future versions of Firefox, Mozilla will insert sponsored content called Directory Tiles, which will serve to increase the profits of the company, at the same time helping new users.

Today, most of the revenue comes from the browser’s search function supported by Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Amazon and eBay. And Mozilla believes the time has come to diversify the sources of income.

Since the last fiscal report compared to 2012, it’s clear that Google has been the main partner. With Mozilla Corp., the Mountain View group signed an agreement – valid for three years – in December 2011. The contract allows Mozilla to obtain more than 85% of the total profits generated from the use of Google search engine. The decision to adopt revenue diversification has been carefully considered, taking into account especially the impact on users and the principles of Mozilla’s manifesto. All initiatives that don’t meet these two criteria were discarded.


However, the Directory Tiles can offer users an additional value without adversely affecting their user experience. Many of us may not want see any content within the tabs, but Mozilla believes it doesn’t represent everybody’s will. Consequently, Firefox will show sponsored sites in the New Tab page, only and only when the browser is installed recently and then have a history empty.

As you can see the screenshot above, three of nine tiles will show sponsored sites like Amazon, Yahoo and Facebook. FYI, the sponsored content void any tracking code, so there will be no privacy concerns.