During the Special Operations/Low-Intensity Conflict conference organized in Washington by National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), the US Special Operations Command announced that three prototypes of Light Operator Tactical Assault Suit (TALOS) were assembled and the first tests will being in June. After a period of testing in the field, the Iron Man like armor would be in action by August 2018.

Unlike armor worn by Tony Stark, the TALOS would only able to stop bullets, enable night vision and increase the strength of soldier using an exoskeleton.

It will display all information and alerts through an on-board computer. The wearer could monitor his vital signs like temperature, heart rate and hydration levels by sensors attached to skin and activate the air conditioning system. Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have embarked on the design of armor composed of magnetorheological fluids that are transformed from liquid to solid within a few milliseconds.

“That suit, if done correctly, will yield a revolutionary improvement in survivability and capability for special operators,” Admiral William McRaven said.

The idea of the project TALOS was born several years ago when a member of the Special Forces shoot dead in the head through the door. The suite will be worn in order to avoid similar situations in the future.

If successful, the TALOS could give a “huge comparative advantage over our enemies and give our warriors the protection they need,” he added.

The project, announced in October 2013, involved 56 companies, 16 government agencies, 13 universities and 10 research labs. The US Special Operations Command has also planned to organize events to look for experts for the production of armor components, possibly offering cash prizes.