Microsoft has updated its VoIP client and released Skype 2.5 for Windows 8.1. The new version introduces improved contacts section and an ability to turn off the sound during conversations.

The updated app can be downloaded from the Windows Store. Users who have enabled Automatic Updates will not have to do anything and soon find a newer version installed itself.

Now, the Modern version of Skype for Windows 8.1 allows to search for contacts, just like the desktop version. With v2.5 release, you can add contact directly from the People page.

The second change is visible on the People page. The user can now quickly filter online and offline contact with a single click or tab. And the new view mode is also available for users who have less than 20 contacts.


The last but not the least feature included in Skype 2.5 will be surely be appreciated by users who prefer to chat in silence. In fact, the app supports to turn off IM sounds in current chat. To do so, users can go to Share Charm >> Settings >> Options >> Mute IM Sounds in current chat and toggle to No.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has finally resolved one of the most annoying bugs i.e. message synchronization in all Skype-enabled devices. Now new desktop and mobile versions of Skype will sync all messages between computers, tablets and smartphones. Additionally, users will rejoice new read receipt feature – just like Facebook chat – and other performance improvements.


About a year ago, Microsoft abandoned Windows Live Messenger, forcing to move on Skype that’s the only one IM app available for all platforms. Since then, a number of reports submitted for lost messages, poor chat experience and non-synced receptions of old messages. Now, the Redmond developers have fixed all issues and optimized the overall performance by reducing the startup and switching from background time.

In addition, the future versions of Skype will receive notifications only on the device currently in use; and sync your contacts across the Skype-enabled devices.