Apple iPad 2 is the longest lived tablet from the Cupertino, but now it starts a slow decline; and it’s understandable.

For about consecutive three years, the iPad 2 has been available and outlasts the successors including the iPad Air and iPad 4. According to some rumors, coming from California, Apple may have decided to retire the iPad 2, and will stop selling the tablet starting next fall.

The incredible survived iPad 2 has always been a mystery for both analysts and consumers. Without a Retina display as well as not offered at a competitive price, the second-gen iPad has always secured good sales. In fact, the basic variant costs $399 and often reaches about 20% of total sales of all models. However, with the advent of the ultra-light iPad Air, the market share of the iPad 2 has literally collapsed.

According to some close sources of AppleInsider, Apple would have stripped down the production of iPad 2, in the context of the imminent abolition. Although, there’re not any confirmation; and that being said that the tablet will be retired next fall to coincide with the launch of new models.

If we believe the rumors, Apple hasn’t been promoting the original iPad mini from September 2013 and 7.9-inch tablet could suffer also the same fate in early months of 2015.

If you own an iPad 2 or iPad mini, what’s your opinion on Apple’s decision? Share your thoughts in the comments section.