It’s not a secret that Windows and Android are the rivals, but lately seem to be able to live together for the first time. Thanks to the project Normandy, the first Android smartphone from Nokia, the duo could come closer in the combat of survival.

In fact, Microsoft could soon begin to bring the app repository of Google’s green robot to Windows and Windows Phone store. It would be a very important decision for the future of Windows Phone that has grown – thanks to Nokia’s Lumia lineup – over the past year.

The theory appears to be a hoax without any concrete details. Although, some trusted sources from Redmond claim a debate in order to make such decision would have already started within Microsoft.

Evidently, such a change could have both positive and negative impacts and will be one of the most significant steps ever taken in recent years.

After Blackberry, even Microsoft could decide to open its doors for Android apps and make it more appealing and certainly excellent devices that, until now, have remained on the sidelines because of lacking quality – as well as quantity of – apps.

On a positive note, this could also pose a threat to Google services and its mobile OS as users, in this way, may prefer other platforms and devices. In short, there’re many aspects, and perhaps a final decision seems unlikely before Windows 9 announcement. It would be interesting to know the idea of Microsoft because currently all are just rumors.

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Source: The Verge