Recently, Nokia has replaced the traditional blue color with green – seemingly green robot – on their Facebook pages and Twitter, which has been distinguishing its brand for many years.

The change is being interpreted by many as a sign of the imminent arrival of its first Android smartphone, rumored as Nokia X aka Normandy.

This green color has always characterized Google’s green robot, although the tone used by the Finnish company is slightly different. That being said that Nokia could really allude to its first mobile phone based on Android.

The change of color is wondering as Nokia has been active in the mobile arena for decades, and they had never given up its usual blue color. However, the rumors about the project Normandy are at peak now-a-days, which could become a reality during the annual Mobile World Congress, commencing on February 24 in Barcelona, Spain.

As it’s widely known, Microsoft has acquired Nokia and has its own mobile operating system Windows Phone. Therefore, it seems inevitable the Redmond giant will never allow to release a smartphone based on the rival’s platform.

However, the Android smartphone from Nokia will use a highly customized version of Android – just like Amazon does with Kindle tablets – designed to push Microsoft services including Skype, Bing and Internet Explorer; and should give up the Google Play store to rely on a separate app store. It might be the only reason to approve the project so as to jolt the Google’s proprietary services, according to previous reports.

The green color is still traditionally associated with eco-friendly initiatives and it may have nothing to do with Android, and perhaps Nokia may announce something different soon. In a nutshell, the change of color in the social pages doesn’t seem to be a coincidence, but it provides a kind of confirmation that Normandy is really coming.