“Yes, you heard it right folks!” says SamMobile, one of the trusted sources for Samsung Mobiles. In short, Samsung Galaxy S5 will effectively feature a biometric fingerprint reader, and will be able to take advantage of such automatic recognition to enable user access to the device and the ability to do a variety of tasks.

The biometric finger reader is the peep of the flagship model Galaxy S5, which will close the gap with Apple’s iPhone 5S with better implementation of the tech what Apple has just brought in preview.

FYI, here’s the first denial with respect to the rumor. The fingerprint recognition system will be integrated in the Home button, instead of the display screen. It also denies the possibility of seeing the Home button on the display virtually. So it would be again a physical button, following its predecessors.

So what is Samsung putting into practice to distinguish the Galaxy S5? Well! All functions seem to be major distinction between the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S.

To no surprise, you will be able to swipe your finger on the Home button from the top to down at medium speed – keeping the fingertip pressured on the flatten surface – allowing a sort of ‘scan’ fingerprint. The screen will show imprint analyzing at the end of swipe with safe scenic effect.

You can store up to 8 fingerprints, assigning each a different profile, but at least one of these must be used as a key to unlock the device. The use of different fingers will allow assigning different tasks, so you can customize its approach to the phone. The advent of biometric sensors will also let you hide your files and apps via the “Personal Folder” and “Private Mode.”

By all means of identifying user, it also allows more quirks such as the connection of virtual identities – recorded on the device – with the account unlocked by the sensor. It will enable you to enter password only once to sign into different websites, recognizing automatically during next subsequent logins because the biometric recognition is the safest way to keep the user data safe.

In all the way, it won’t be just a little update to the fingerprint sensor technology in smartphones, but unlike HTC and Apple, Samsung will put it as a core feature, which can radically change the relationship between the user and the device.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 will be unveiled at UNPACKED 5 event during the annual Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain on February 24 around 20:00 CET/14:00 EDT/11:30 PM IST.

Source: SamMobile