Microsoft has announced the global availability of OneDrive, the cloud storage service formally known as SkyDrive.

At the same time, the Redmond developers has also published the updated mobile apps on various stores including Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android, in addition to desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS. As SkyDrive was natively integrated in Windows 8.1 and Xbox One, the Update 1 for Windows 8.1 and a Xbox One update scheduled for March will bring OneDrive.

Now users will be able to increase the storage space by inviting their friends, just like Dropbox and enabling auto-upload of photos on their devices.

For those users who have been using SkyDrive, won’t have to do anything as they will find their documents, photos and videos at the same place. However, newcomers can access the service through the official website or installing apps for desktop, tablets and smartphones.

Microsoft touts again that the new name reflects the company’s vision for the future: “Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get all of your favorite stuff in one place—one place that is accessible via all of the devices you use every day, at home and at work.”

To achieve this goal, OneDrive app for Android has integrated support to upload photos automatically (already available on iOS and Windows Phone). In addition, OneDrive will transcode videos automatically – regardless the video format – by calculating and analyzing video properties based on your Internet connection. It will reduce the bandwidth consumption on different devices.

OneDrive offers 7 GB of free space (25 GB for old SkyDrive users), and you can get up to 5GB of additional space, inviting 10 friends. For each friend who registers will receive 500 MB. Moreover, if you enable the auto-backup option for photos on Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, iOS and Android, you can earn 3GB more. Besides who wants more space can subscribe to an annual subscription too (additional 50GB for $25; 100GB for $50 and 200GB for $100).

To celebrate the launch of OneDrive, Microsoft is also giving away 100GB of free space for 1 year to 100,000 lucky users. To know more about the promotion, simply follow @OneDrive on Twitter.


  1. I love DropBox and have used it for years both personally and in a business environment. The biggest challenge that they face is they provide a service that is easily replicated by any number of companies, including powerful ones like Google , Amazon and Microsoft. The services are a dime a dozen right now and they way I see it, there are two things that can set a company apart: 1) tight integration with multiple platforms and 2) lots of storage space. Dropbox is doing a great job on the integration front. But right now, they are getting pressure on the storage space issue. So right now I am making the switch to a product by Barracuda called Copy. They start you out with 20GB of space (more than I have on DropBox after years) and with referrals of 5GB a pop it can go up quickly from there. Check it out at


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