Apple, last weekend, released an interim update of iOS 7 before the must-awaited iOS 7.1, addressing SSL connection verification issue. Now the same issue has extended to the OS X Mavericks, and the Cupertino developers will release a decisive update package in the next few days.

According to Apple in a brief description, this security flaw has been discovered in versions prior to iOS 7.0.1, which can allow hackers to intercept the user’s navigation, taking advantage of SSL/TSL protocols. It could lead the attackers gain the sensitive data like username, passwords and even credit card details.

In practice, every user who’re using an Apple operating system on desktop or mobile, may be vulnerable when connected to a shared network. Attackers could exploit the SSL to gain access to email ids, discover passwords, and intercept private messages, codes, credit card and much more.


At the moment, we don’t know if hackers have already exploited the flaw, but it seems the Cupertino has arrived just-in-time to avoid any possible damage to the board. Therefore, the update is not only recommended, but necessary to protect your privacy.

In related to matter, Apple’s spokeswoman Trudy Miller says, “We’re aware of the problem and we’ve already developed a software solution that will be released very soon.”

Considering the severity level of the flaw, Apple immediately ran for cover and released the iOS 7.0.6 update, and soon to be followed by a new update for OS X Mavericks and earlier versions.