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Girlfriend Is Convinced Boyfriend Is Cheating After Spotting Change In Insta Bio – Tyla


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Published 12:3210 February 2022 GMT
| Last updated 12:3210 February 2022 GMT

A girlfriend is convinced her boyfriend has been cheating after spotting something unusual in his Instagram bio.
Taking to Reddit, the woman explained she wasn’t sure if she was ‘overthinking’ but wanted some advice on a change she’d spotted on her partner’s social media.
It certainly seems a little odd…
“Hi, so just wondering if I’m overthinking this or something but just looking for opinions,” she wrote.
“My (21M) boyfriend recently put an initial in his bio, it had nothing else with it just an initial in a fancy font. This initial isn’t the first letter of my (20F) name.
“I searched in his following and there is one girl who’s name starts with the same initial, and in her bio she also has an initial in a fancy font [sic].
“This initial however is not the initial of my boyfriend’s first name, however he has two parts to his name and it is the same as the second part? He has liked all this girls pictures as well.
“I’m not usually someone who cares/looks into these things regarding Instagram and whatever, however recently we have had a few problems with our relationship.
“I’m not going to go into detail about them, but I have had suspicions/occasions where I’ve thought he hasn’t been cheating however he has kept reassuring me that he hasn’t.
“But this bio thing has really thrown me off and i don’t know what to think, I can’t think of it being anything other than an initial of another girl. He has nothing else in his bio except for that, I’m really confused.”
And Redditors had a lot of thoughts on the matter, with one person writing: “Bestie I don’t want to tell you this but it’s not lookin good for him… trust your gut cause something smells fishy.”
While another said: “Sounds suspicious to me. especially with it being in the same font.”
And a third added: “Either he’s incredibly stupid to put something where you can see it, or it means something else? The thing that makes me raise my eyebrows is that they’re the same font.
“I would screenshot both of their bios to have as evidence before confronting him. In case he tries to gaslight you, you have hard proof.”
Others urged the woman to confront her partner. What would you do?
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