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Google-Motorola Gem smartwatch shown off in leaked images


We just heard that Google and LG jointly were working on a smartwatch, to be announced at Google I/O event in June. Now an early prototype of the Google Watch codenamed “Gem” has surfaced online.

The project was started by Motorola, and may never see the light of day because Motorola is now ex-Google Company and the Mountain View group may have already dumped the project in favor of a new smartwatch by LG.

The leaked smartwatch has a rubber strap, a square display, a rocker with two keys on the top and a button on the lower-left side. There’s also a back button on the screen.

At this point in time, we don’t know if Motorola will continue to develop this prototype since they have confirmed and promised a smartwatch later this year.


At the annual Mobile World Congress 2014, when Rick Osterloh of Motorola Mobility said, “We are developing a watch in 2014″. When asked whether or not the watch will run Android, Osterloh said, “All I can comment is stay tuned, it won’t be running Tizen.”

Apparently, the company has also tweeted the same earlier today: “Rick – We are working on a watch that will be available this year. We aim to address consumer issues like style & battery life #MotoMWC”.

The wearable segment is getting rush very quickly, and every manufacturer wants its space. Recently, Samsung has introduced three wearable devices including two Gear 2 models and one smart bracelet Gear Fit, which will arrive in the market starting April 11. Pebble 2 aka Pebble Steel is already available, while Sony Smartwatch 2 has also made its way to the stores.

Apple seems to be working on the much-talked iWatch and Google Watch is likely to come in the month of June. Hence, 2014 will definitely be a year of wearable, and it’s high time.

So what’s your favorite brand?

Courtesy: Android Police

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