Boeing has introduced the Black, which is yet another Android smartphone, but the safest smartphone in the world.

In addition to the shock and dust-resistant qualities, it has a novel feature to self-destruct when someone attempts to tamper it. The phone will be available soon, but the manufacturer hasn’t disclosed the release date yet.

Aesthetically, the Boeing Black looks like a regular mobile phone built with a modular design, but the security feature distinguishes it clearly from the competition. The hardware specifications are quite common, equipping with a 4.3-inch HD display, a dual-core Cortex A9 processor clocked at 1.2GHz, a 1590 mAh battery and support for dual-SIM and LTE network.


Aforementioned details may not be impressive, but the Black isn’t a phone aimed at mainstream consumers. The security architecture, owned by the company, is called “PureSecure” – exactly as the Samsung Knox – in which a trusted boot mode detects and resists any attempt to tamper with or disable the phone. Additionally, it provides data encryption of internal memory and can be configured to prevent access to certain functions as well as camera operations, in order to avoid possible data loss or theft.

The Boeing Black smartphone is expressly designed for the military and intelligence organizations, and maybe those groups will shortly rely on the smartphone that ends itself after detecting a tampering attempt. Those who purchase this phone will have to sign a contract with security clauses, which prevents sharing public information about the device.

The phone has been under development for 36 months. As of now, there’s no details about the release date and pricing, although, the manufacturer says, the black is coming soon.