After much waiting (and it has been two years, more or less, yes?), Samsung Chromebook is finally due for an update. The company has remained mum about the changes, but the Chrome-powered notebook seems to bare a strong resemblance on Galaxy Note 3. It’s also wearing a faux leather jacket with faux stitching on the sides.

This can either be a good or a bad thing for the design itself. On the one hand, it doesn’t look anything like its contemporaries. On the other, it might look too much like it’s riding on the popularity of Galaxy note 3, and it’s showing very little on the side of the OS. Of course, Samsung is keeping the lid tight about what exactly will power the upcoming notebook.


What to expect

What we know based on the leakage of photos from @evleaks though is that the Samsung Chromebook 2:

  • Will sport a faux leather back
  • Will have at least one USB port
  • Will be thin
  • Will be powered by Android
  • Will have an audio jack

Back in 2012, when the Samsung Chromebook was first released, it was pure plastic, and, therefore, lightweight.

However, a lot of notebook users worried that it wasn’t as durable as it should be, especially for a gadget you’re bound to put in your bag and bring everywhere. The heat of typing and surfing all day can put a lot of pressure on the plastic. Some might wonder why Samsung still opted for a faux leather, i.e. plastic make again.

The Korean brand won’t budge, though, and would still go for its plastic models. Gadget lovers everywhere are just wishing that the small notebook has a pretty long battery life and that the faux-leather finish is enough to bring the model at par with its contemporaries. It looks classier (in photos) than its plainer contemporaries, plus the design language is familiar to those who love the popular Galaxy Note 3. However, the Chrome platform can only do so much. We’ve yet to truly discover the OS’s capacity, and the optimist in me is really hoping to be surprised.

We are quite certain that the Scroogle team is closely monitoring this new brood of Chromebooks coming out this year.

Pricing scheme

One thing that Samsung has going for it is its fairly low pricing, and this is probably because most of its gadgets are made from plastic. This means that the Korean company has low cost production of nearly all of its creations. Plastic can easily be molded to look like faux leather or faux aluminium or faux steel. For the ultra-savvy, plastic gadgets can also be marketed solely on its light-weighted-ness.

Certainly, this Chromebook will have a huge market to look forward to. Those who fell in love with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would probably be big fans of the new Chromebook, too. Any college student whose only demand from a notebook fits Google Chrome’s capabilities would certainly buy into a product not only because it’s cheap, but it looks expensive enough to bring to class.

In other words, the Chromebook 2 might not be the best thing that ever happened to Samsung in terms of mobile devices, but it’s not going to be the downfall of the company either. It’s on a safe niche.