About a week ago, Glass Explorers everywhere were rattled by the somewhat eerie silence from the Google Glass development team. This was because the Google Glass XE14 was due to be released and the sad part was, it just wasn’t released on time.

Google employee Teresa Zazenski, in a private Explorer forum, explained that the delay was simply because the upgrades they were hoping for were simply not met yet. She cleared that her team was not, in any way, relaxing their pace. They were, on the contrary, postponing the upgrades because they’re aiming for something bigger.

Now, the thing about releasing something like that is you sort of build-up people’s expectations—excited Explorers, especially. Among the improvements Explorers should probably expect faster frame rates, smoother and more secure navigation, and perhaps even a faster processor. That’s where KitKat comes in, I suppose. The Google Glass X12 is currently running on Ice Cream Sandwich. While that’s a pretty cool OS, with a startlingly futuristic gadget like Google Glass, you’d expect a better OS.


Zazenski later on explained that the update they’re looking at is, in fact, OS-dependent. And it is all about the KitKat. Android 4.4 KitKat, as hinted by Zazenski, will soon be running on Google Glass XE14, and while Explorers everywhere are feeling great about this update news, they’re hoping the release of the Google Glass won’t take too long. On the other hand, we should probably be glad that the developers are not pushing aside software fine tuning to make way for update deadlines. Especially in a gadget as cool as Google Glass, you’d want nothing less than a smooth-running OS, and KitKat might just be it.

KitKat is at least three upgrades younger than Ice Cream Sandwich, and in the world of Android, that’s ancient. There have been at least three Jelly Bean releases before the KitKat was released with the Nexus 5. Among the performance improvements promised are low power and lower memory consumption, tabs and other user-friendly support, and an overall smoother navigation experience. So far, there are no complaints filed against Google Nexus 5 expect maybe for the thick borders on the screen that has nothing to do with the OS.

So perhaps, the upgrade to KitKat will be a sweet one too for the wearable technology device. Explorers everywhere will just need to wait and see how Google Glass XE14 pans out.

The Glass has been hitting the headlines of late. In January, a Glass Explorer was dragged out of a theater in Ohio by authorities thinking that he was involved in film piracy. Just last week, a technology writer and marketing professional was mugged inside a bar in San Francisco, good thing she was able to record things when she felt threatened.

Despite its challenges in terms of being accepted by the general public, it has made some good strides too. The NYPD, for example, is studying the possibility of how the Glass can help them while doing their jobs. Plus, Google had announced too that prescription frames will be widely available soon so explores can pair it up with their eyeglasses.

Source: Android Police