The tech world has heard a lot of rumors — from technical specifications, new features, or maybe possible innovations — about the upcoming Apple iPhone 6. Still hot and just making headlines is a leaked image of what could be bezel-free version of the popular smartphone.

Just like any other iPhone 6 rumor, the image that was first published (but later deleted) by the Chinese WeiPhone online forum, triggered an online hysteria. The image is still available on the web.

Bezel-free iPhone 6

The image is allegedly showing the bigger screen of the next iteration of the iPhone, and it appears to be bezel-less. We have heard that the iPhone 6 might come in two variants, and both will sport bigger screens, the blurry, leaked image might fit this description. The screen maximized its real estate and got rid of the bezel around it and appears to fit a handset with a display that will essentially go from one edge to the other. The top and bottom bezels too seems to have been trimmed.


However, it is hard to prove if it is authentic. Looking at the picture, one might be more suspicious then be in awe.

Looking closer, the hole for the Home button on one of the screens of the alleged iPhone 6 appears to be off center. It has not been proven fake, but several websites think it is given the high quality and design standards of Apple. Joni Ive will go crazy mad if he sees the off-centered screen rolling off the assembly line of the company.

Like other leaked images before, there have been a lot of cases that images were fabricated by manipulating concept images of the device.

Just as the images of the bezel-free iPhone 6 came out, another concept of what can be the new iteration of the colorful iPhone was also released.

CNET reported about the work of Joseph Farahi, a designer, and his realistic rendering of what could be an elegant iPhone 6C. The report states that it still has a plastic body, but we have heard of hints that Apple will veer away from using the material again because of the cold reception of the market to the candy-colored version of its smartphone.

The artist imagines his version of the iPhone 6C to have a retina display measuring 4.7-inches, a Touch ID, an 8MP main camera, and a slimmer architecture than the iPhone 5C.

Other iPhone 6 Rumors

What we know for sure is that the iPhone 6 will come with a tougher sapphire screen spending almost $600 million to make its plant in Arizona operate smoothly. According to reports, Apple plans to roll out an estimated 190 million units of iPhones for 2014.

A new report has also surfaced out of China, claiming that the new iPhone will still come with an 8MP clicker but will have other features that can enhance the specs of the camera. Allegedly, the new handset will have a bigger sensor, better aperture size, improved stabilization, and come with a sapphire lens.

Just like any time tech rumors spread, one must tread carefully especially in this age of PhotoShop and trigger-happy social media sharing.