The iPhone 5C has been spotted on Tumblr. It appears that Apple might have turned onto Yahoo-owned blogging platform Tumblr to help boost sales of its colorful smartphone.

9to5Mac was first to report about the website “iSee5C” with the page titled as “Every color has a story.” It even did some digging to verify the possibility of the iPhone manufacturer itself being behind the campaign.

The iSee5C site presents a batch of videos on colorful tiles. Click one and users will be able to see a colorful motion picture of basic shapes and colors in line with the hues of the iPhone 5C. These movies are also a cacophony of sounds from sheeps, bouncing balls, sound of skates gliding on the ice, vehicles on a busy intersection, popcorn, and a crowd in what could be a live concert.

The videos are roughly 15-second short and end with catchy phrases or titles that describes what viewers hear and see.

There are nine movies that can be clicked to play at the moment with another tile marked as “Coming Soon.” Discover what’s behind titles such as “Baaaaa,” “Gotcha,” “Pancake race,” “Skate Date,” “Porte des Lilas,” “Viva o carnaval,” “Houston and Bowery,” “Enjoy the show,” and “Showtime.”

The “Showtime” video, for example, teases the audience with popping sound that one will not mistake for anything else but popcorn in the microwave. Pop, pop, and a few more pops and it reveals the title.

There’s no direct proof that Apple is behind the campaign, but it just looks too professional for an iDevice fan to do a tribute for a single product. There’ve been also reports from users that their dashboards show the page as a Sponsored Post, which means that someone is paying the blogging platform to show the iPhone 5C advertisement. Even an obsessed Apple fan might find that a stretch too much.

Opening the source code of the webpage, 9to5Mac found out that the advertisement videos are hosted on Vimeo.

Apple has launched this quietly if indeed the company is behind it. In order to boost the sales of the colorful version of its smartphone, Tumblr can be considered as one of the best platform to reach out to its possible market — tweens. Apple has revealed earlier this year that the iPhone 5C didn’t perform well. Some blame the price as it was first purported as a more affordable version of the handset. While others think that it is just too colorful for an iPhone. However, given the current trend, anything that’s considered a hit by youngsters is a big hit in the technology world.

There’re speculations that the advertisement has been created by the Media Arts Lab, the Los Angeles-based ad agency that Apple works with. Tumblr will also not cost the company a huge amount compared to launching a full ad campaign in other platforms. With the ad noticed in the blogosphere, Apple has succeeded in using this untraditional campaign.

No harm in checking out the “iSee5C” page, you might just find out that “every color has a story. What can you say? Share your “colorful” comments with us.