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Sony: More than 6 million PlayStation 4 units sold

Microsoft Xbox One vs Sony PlayStation 4

Sony has a good reason to celebrate, as its PlayStation 4 has won this round of the game console wars with over six million cumulative sales around the globe (among 57 countries, to be exact) since its launch less than four months ago.

It’s all good for Sony since the company was actually only projecting an optimistic 5 million cumulative sales by the end of their fiscal year (March 2014). While most of the sales came from the US and Canada market, 370,000 units were sold in Japan since its launch last February 22. A trickling of the sales, if you can call it that, came from other countries.

The numbers from the Japanese market helped a lot in pushing PS4 to achieve such numbers. Back in February, the sales was then pegged at 5.3 million.

What makes PlayStation 4 super special, aside from its ultimate gaming functions, is the fact that players can now play online and show off their achievements via Facebook and other social media networks. It’s a social media era, alright, as gamers seem to put more and more premium on that “share” button.

PlayStation’s arch rival, the Xbox One, sold over 3.9 million units as reported in January. Since then, Microsoft hasn’t released an updated sales figure for its latest gaming console.

Aside from the sales of the gaming console, Microsoft is also bowled a lot of money from the 13.7 million PS4 games sold so far and Killzone: Shadow Fall fans will be going crazy if they will know that 2.1 million of those were because of their favorite title.

Just last January, the PS4 was dubbed as the bestselling console in the US. This is a sharp blow on Microsoft which has been the company’s biggest rival since the launch of the first Xbox. In terms of popularity, Sony seems to be taking the lead. It’s tougher to analyze which gaming console provides the better game play because their markets seem to be a bit different to begin with. PS4 seems to be commanding the bigger kid market, which means bigger purchasing power as well.

Social networking additives

Aside from the share button, Sony also announced that they’re developing improvements which would make the gameplay more interactive online, even for viewers. Not only will gamers be able to broadcast their gameplay—spectators can also have a hand in the live stream of the game play. So in other words, the whole gaming experience would feel like an old school arcade experience with total strangers gasping, cheering or booing in the background. It’s a community activity from here on out.

One of the reasons why PS4 is also more popular than its counterparts is its adaptability to other operating systems. There is a PlayStation app for smartphones which allows non-owners of PS4 to get a glimpse of the total gaming experience. While that might seem like a counter-profitable move on the side of Sony, it seems to be doing its job in raising the console’s popularity, if not directly its sales. The company happily announced that the PlayStation app has been downloaded at least 3.6 million times since March 2 by iPhone, Android and other smartphone users. That’s a very promising figure for Sony which, of course is looking forward to even more sales.

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