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Google Chromebooks coming to 6 new countries


Google Chromebooks will soon be available in all major markets around the world. Even though Google has its own Chromebook Pixel which is one of the high end Chromebooks available in the market, the company is readily helping out other manufacturers to get their Chromebooks into markets all around the world.

According to the recent announcement made by the company, Chromebooks from Acer, HP and Samsung will soon be available in six new markets namely Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. These Chromebooks will be available in these countries starting from Tuesday (the Chromebooks have arrived already) and Google also has plans to extend its business and school programs to these countries as well.

As of now, Chromebooks were available in the US and UK, and this new move has opened up bigger markets and new opportunities for all. The base model Chromebooks are available in the United States starting from $249. It will be interesting to see how these new markets welcome the Chromebooks.

Google is trying its best to bring Chromebooks into the hands of consumers and at the same time is trying to pump up the selling network. These laptops will be sold in an additional 1,000 Best Buy stores within a couple of weeks and the company has been successful in the ‘Google Chromebook for school initiative’ as well. More than 2,000 schools have started using Chromebooks after three months of the program.

Google Chrome OS is getting a lot of attention from laptop manufacturers and this definitely good news for Google. Companies like HP, Samsung and Acer have shown a lot of interest in this new OS and have foreseen the huge potential in it. It won’t take too long for all other major manufacturers to join the list. Recently even Lenovo has joined the Chrome OS team with its new ThinkPad Chromebook which has an 11.6-inch display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 and is powered by an Intel processor.

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